Best Online Resource for Practicing Your Image Interpretation

Our top pick for a free, case-based image interpretation website

This website has it all--

  • Cats, dogs, equine, exotic

  • Radiographs, ultrasound, CT/MRI

  • Variety of skill levels

The website is run by Dr. Allison Zwingenberger, a veterinary radiologist at the University of California, Davis.

Radiology is mostly about pattern recognition. The more you see, the more you know.

The website is case-based and has clearly labeled images. You can click to see radiographic findings, diagnosis, AND a list of differential diagnoses for that case. In particular, we find that the differential diagnoses section is uniquely valuable, as it helps to remind you that many clinical diagnoses may look similar on imaging, and prevents you from only focusing on the "right" answer for that particular case. Knowing these broad differential lists will help guide additional diagnostics and treatments in your own patients. Additionally, creating an account on this website provides access to an active "comments" section associated with each study, where users can post their thoughts and questions for the case. These comments are often responded to with helpful tips from a radiologist.

What we love about this site:

  • There are real, everyday useful cases on here. It's not filled with zebras or archaic information.

  • The active comments section is a low-risk way to post your own findings and allows you to think about why you do or don't agree with other people's interpretations.

  • There are SO many cases. This website has been operational since 2007.