1. What is Radimal?

    Radimal uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate radiographic reports to your email in minutes.

  2. How does Radimal work?

    Radimal is connected to your practice and automatically provides reports on all of your radiographs right to your personal device. Our artificial intelligence (AI)-powered system has been trained on hundreds of thousands of patient cases and uses that knowledge to diagnose your patients quickly and accurately.

  3. How do I start using Radimal?

    Sign up for an account on our website to activate your free trial. Or schedule time with our team and we'll walk you through the process.

  4. How will I get my patient's report?

    Your patient's Radimal report will be delivered to your phone within minutes!

  5. How do I submit my radiographs to Radimal?

    Your radiographs are automatically sent to Radimal for interpretation. There is literally NOTHING that you or the technical staff will have to do to send your images.

  6. What if I have questions about my patient's report?

    The Radimal team (including DACVRs) is available for questions. Click "reply" on your Radimal report and we'll get back to you right away!

  7. What if I want a full radiology report by a board-certified radiologist?

    All Radimal cases can easily be submitted for an in-house Radimal radiology report. During account setup you'll have the opportunity to send all cases for full radiologist reporting or you can select select cases on an individual basis. Any time you want to request a report, simply click "Get consult" on your patient's report.

  8. How can I try Radimal?

    Schedule a demo with us to learn more.