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Choose from 1-Hour, 2-Hour, and 48-Hour - once you submit, your turnaround time is guaranteed. Easy to read, delivered directly to your email and Radimal Cases Dashboard. Quickly request a Full Consult for any patient or share with clients.

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Radimal AI: Reports Delivered in Minutes

Say hello to fast reports from our AI system that can help inform patient treatment for vets of all experience levels. If it looks normal to you, you'll know if it looks normal to Radimal too. If the patient needs treatment immediately, you'll have extra insights for that just as quickly. Currently included free for all Full Consult customers.

100% Human Supported

Want to ask a DACVR a question about a patient's report? Just message us and we'll respond quickly. Need a full DACVR report for a patient? A few clicks and we'll have it to you in the same amount of time. We can even do full DAVCR reporting for 100% of your patients.

Made with Vets, Great for Vets

What motivates us the most is seeing the difference that Radimal makes for real vets every day, whether it's saving a patient's life or saving a vet's time. Radimal works for vets because it was designed by vets.

It's great to have that peace of mind to know that Radimal is verifying if something is normal or not. That's every vet's greatest fear - that you're missing something. Radimal helps me know that we're giving the best possible medicine to our patients.

Jamie LaityJamie Laity, DVM Owner of Harbor Point Animal Hospital

I was surprised at how fast it was and the techs didn't even have to do anything additional. Whether you already use teleradiology or not, Radimal reports are so immediate. I want to discuss results in the office while the patient is there, in real time, and now I can.

Carey GuiseCarey Guise, VMD Owner of Holland Veterinary Care

Before co-founding Radimal I was aware of the growing use of AI in our industry but didn't fully appreciate its impact and benefit to patient care. Now, I get to talk to vets every day who share their stories about how Radimal reports make a difference to them, their patients and their owners. This is a gamechanger and I'm excited for DVMs and DACVRs like me to experience it.

Andrew WeissmanAndrew Weissman, VMD, DACVR Co-founder of Radimal

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Radiologist consultation pricing, per study

  • $75 48-Hour

  • $129 2-Hour STAT

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Radiologist consultation pricing, per study

  • $75 48-Hour

  • $129 2-Hour STAT

  • $189 1-Hour STAT

  • Chat with specialists for any questions


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  • Contact us for practices and organizations with more than 10 doctors

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